This can be a very daunting and confusing task. When the livelihood of your staff and business is put at risk due to the pandemic, you cannot afford to be unsure of how to use the UIF TERS fund.  We have assisted a lot of clients who have tried it out themselves and have gotten stuck along the way. Let us help you make this application process as smooth and easy as possible.


Not every company needs a country-wide or multi-national accounting firm to look after their finances. That's where we come in. From your brand new venture to your highly established corporation, we are able to walk the accounting journey with you.

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Everyone has to pay it. But, not everyone has to do it. We take the stress away from tax season so you can continue making more of your own money and watch your business grow.


Your team has looked after your best interests. We'll help you look after theirs.


It's your new idea, it's your plan and you know it will work. Let us help make sure it does.