Salary and wages for permanent and casual workers. Payslips and monthly PAYE and UIF submission. We will also manage your staff loans, travel allowance, medical aid benefits. We can help setup every individuals payslip according to specific breakdowns.

  • Option of daily, weekly, every second week and / or monthly Payroll processing.

  • Payslips.

  • EMP201 Submissions (the document we have to declare to SARS).

  • UIF, SDL and PAYE registration.

  • UIF, SDL and PAYE calculations and submissions.

  • EMP501 Submissions (twice a year we have to complete and submit this form so that IRP5's and IT3a's can get generated).

  • IRP5's for employees that pay PAYE.

  • IT3a's for employees who don't pay PAYE .

  • Helping you figure out what an employee's salary will be by generating a dummy payslip so you can see what the cost to company would be, based on the figure you have in mind - Gross VS Net salary.